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Stylistic Conventions

These guides try to incorporate secondary information with the primary flow using labeled callouts.

If you follow the primary flow of the guides and skip the callouts, you'll learn what you need to know. The callouts provide additional information that you may be curious about.

Callouts use stylistic conventions to help you understand their purpose and target audience.

Sections Marked as "PROTIP"

Protip sections provide additional information that makes sense in the normal flow of the guides, but the information isn't strictly required to use Starbeam effectively.

The first time you read a particular guide, it's totally fine to skip over protips if they're distracting, or if you're just not interested in them.



Tips are provide information on Starbeam usage that are useful for all Starbeam developers, but are not exactly related to the primary documentation.


Info sections provide additional information about Starbeam's programming model or philosophy. While tips provide actionable usage information, info blocks help you understand Starbeam's overall model. They are appropriate for all readers, but might be distracting for you if you're a beginner still working on becoming proficient enough to build something useful.

Lightbulb sections provide interesting information about code examples that are related to the primary topic, but which didn't fit into the details of the specific code example.


Details sections go into more detail about the primary topic. These sections may be distracting to first-time readers, but should be helpful for those who already went through the primary guides and are looking for more information and examples to help solidify the concepts.

Deep DiveDeep Dive Sections

Deep dive sections dive deep into the philosophy or implementation of Starbeam. They are most useful to readers with a strong understanding of Starbeam and its usage, and are ready for information to help build a deep understanding of Starbeam.

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